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Wheel hubs bearings
The main role of hub bearings is loading and providing accurate guidance for the wheel, it is loads both axial and radial load, it is a very important part. Traditional automotive hub bearings are composed of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings combined, the installation, oiling, sealing and clearance of bearing are carried out in the production line, this structure make it difficult to assemble in the automobile manufacturing plant,high cost, poor reliability. But the hub bearing unit is in the standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings developed on the basis of it, the hub bearings unit with the assembly of good performance, can be omitted clearance adjustment, light weight, compact structure, load capacity large, sealed bearings can be pre-filled with grease.they are becoming more and more unitized, from the first-GEN to the third GEN, and fourth GEN, evolving into  lightweight, more and more convenient product.