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Bearing Purchasing Skill

Bearings are mainly used to support and reduce friction in machinery, therefore, the precision and noise of the bearing are directly related to the use and life of the machine.  According to many years of experience, RCB Bearing made the analysis of bearing selection and quality identification. It is hoped that people with less knowledge of bearings can deepen their understanding of the bearing.
1. Selection of Bearing Designation
The bearing model is generally chosen by the user's technicians according to the using conditions of the matching products and bearing load. The business person mainly understands whether the user's actual load is consistent with the chosen bearing or not.
2. Selection of Bearing Clearance
The user must has requirement of the bearing clearance besides the bearing designation and grade. The business person must clearly get the bearing using condition, the bearing rotation speed, temperature, matching tolerance etc. are all related with the selection of bearing clearance. Theoretically, the noise and life of the bearing are in the best state during the zero clearance, but considering the temperature rising in actual rotation, it is better that the bearing clearance after assembly is 0.002mm-0.004mm.
3. Selection of Grease
The choice of grease is generally based on the bearing speed, temperature, noise requirement and starting torque etc., business people are required to understand the performance of various greases.
4. Selection of Bearing Seal Type
Bearing lubrication can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil lubricated bearings are generally used with open bearings, and grease lubricated bearings are usually sealed with dust cover or rubber seal.
RCB Bearing could provide professional bearing selection service. We can provide the most suitable bearing for the customer according to the working condition of the bearing.


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