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Brief Introduction of Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular contact ball bearings are particularly suitable for carrying combined (axial and radial) loads. Sometimes, they also can carry pure axial load and operate in higher speed. The axial load carrying capacity of angular contact ball bearings changes along with dimensions of contact angle. The larger the contact angle, the better the axial load carrying capacity is.

Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
The single row angular contact ball bearing is only carrying axial load in single direction. They are mainly used in the arrangement where is there is only one bearing in each support.
When single row angular contact ball bearing is carrying pure radial load only, an axial thrust load caused by the radial load imposed on the bearing, must be counteracted by an equal force. So two single row angular contact ball bearings are usually mounted face to face.
In many situations, single row angular contact ball bearings are supplied to customers in pairs or multi-arrangement. Angular contact ball bearings in pairs are used in these applications when single angular contact ball bearing load carrying capacity is not enough, or when carrying axial (radial) combined load, and when carrying axial load in more than two directions.

Double-row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
The double-row angular contact ball bearing has an outer ring and two inner rings. It has better stiffness and could carry axial load in two directions as well as the tilting moment to a certain extent.

Four Points Contact Ball Bearings
Four points contact ball bearing is a single row angular contact ball bearing with one split inner ring or one split outer ring. It could carry axial load and can limit the axial displacement in both directions. It has high load capacity. The bearing is separable, so it is easy to be mounted and dismounted.
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