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The Force Analysis of Taper Roller Bearing

Taper roller bearing is suitable for the condition of radial load, single direction of axial load and combined load of radial and axial load. The axial load capacity of taper roller bearing depends on the contact angle ɑ, i.e. outer raceway angle, the bigger the contact angle ɑ, the lager the axial load capacity. Ordinarily, the angle error of taper roller bearing is not allowed, but after special design, the roller and raceway are allowed  2′~4′ angle error.

Single row taper roller bearing could bear one direction axial load, and limit one direction of axial displacement of axle relative to bearing housing. Even if under the pure radial load, the interior of taper roller bearing will also generate the additional axial component force, at this moment, it needs an equal opposite acting force to balance with it. Generally, it adopts back to back or face to face mounting9 of two single row taper roller bearing with same structure between two supporting, in order to guarantee the bearing has good operative condition. Taper roller bearing is same with other ball bearing and roller bearing, a certain minimum load must be applied, especially for the high speed, high accelerated speed, or working under frequent changed load direction.

Because these working conditions, inertia force of rollers and cage and friction within the lubricant will has a negative impact on the bearing rolling and running accuracy,  it may generate a sliding motion between roller and raceway, which is harmful to the bearing. The minimum load Fmin of taper roller bearing could be calculated by the formula: Fmin=0.02C, in which C means basic dynamic load rating. Starting in low temperature or under the situation of high lubricant viscosity, it may need greater minimum load. If the minimum load is not reached, the bearing must be imposed additional radial load, for example, apply axial preloading to bearing to satisfy the requirement of minimum load.

The using of every product, The most important concerns of RCB Bearing are the core values of these products and the various factors that influence the core value. For the taper roller bearing, its service efficiency is deeply influenced by its load condition. So the force analysis of taper roller bearing is very important, it is not only the knowledge that the user should have, at the same time, it may become a new method of business promotion.
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